Tuesday, October 7, 2014

It's Halloween Time!!!

Hey all, It's Halloween time.  One of my two favorite holidays.  The other being Christmas.  Valentines is a closer runner up ;-)

I know I have been so distant the past year.  But we have been so busy.  So please forgive me.  I am here today :-)

Just wanted to give you a neat little trick I do for one of my Halloween decorating items.  Hope you love it as much as I do!!

You start off with buying this at Home Depot for just over $10.
 Next you are going to unroll part of it.  And before you unroll the "roll" to expand into the 10' wide you must cut through the layers.  Cut about 18"-24" long.  When you have your strip unroll it and then cut the 1" strips the short way.  Leaving a few inches at the end so you make a band to attach it to things.  I used 1"x2" and also a 1"x4" board for my porch.  I used a heavy duty stapler to attach it.

Next I pulled each of the strands to the verge of snapping off.  This can be pulled more or less depending on your desired likeness.

Here is my after.  I know it doesn't look all that great.  And I promise I will update photos as soon as I am done decorating the front porch!!  But this is the beginning stages of it and thought I'd like to share.  Hope you like it!  Thanks for looking!  Rori

Feel free to share, like, comment or pin all you want :-)

Also if you're looking for more Halloween ideas or wonder where some of my inspiration comes from check out my Halloween Love, Halloween Mailbox Decor, Halloween The Porch, Halloween Costume Ideas, Halloween Photography Boards on my Ponterest page!  You will find literally thousands of ideas you'll love!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Fall time at the cabin

This has got to be the prettiest view this time of year at the cabin. Wouldn't you agree?

Sick Boy

Sad day when Lil Man is sick! Home today with Lil Man because he's running a temp and vomiting. Poor guy! Hate when the kidless are sick!

We have the coolest friends! We love them and are so very, very proud of them! Here's some pics n vids of them competing in the Worlds Wakesurfing competitions held last Friday n Saturday in Las Vegas.
Stacia took 3rd in both Pro Women's Skim and Surf. Chris took 1st in Skim!!!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

2nd Week of June and ending with....

 OK so apparently I didn't have time while I was on vacation to get the blog updated as previously stated.  So sorry for all you family members that keep checking in and don't see the update.  :-(  So without further delay..........here is the second half of June and beginning of July.  
At the end of the 2 week visit we decided to create a ton of chalk art to greet our loved ones.  Heather, Mom and Dad were coming down to pick the girls up.  
 Sammy's chalk art altered on #instagram.  

Sammy and his chalkart below.  Natalie top right now photo.  

Although lil man is 5 he still has a devious side to him when he doesn't get a nap.  This was one of those days he didn't get a nap...so it was was hard to keep him focused and away from destroying the kids chalk art projects.  He spent most of the time floating from project to project, lol.  crazy boy.

LOL.  So I thought JP needed a lil love too.  We made him employee of the month and a special place to park his car hehehe.  when he pulled in that night he didn't even see it.  We had to tell him.  But he loved the thought of being the employee of the month.

I decided to make a handicap parking area for Mom and Dad.  That way they got the best parking spot and the closest.  And they didn't even have to make sure their handicap tag was hanging in the window. lol.
Here is Lil Man in ripe form.  He was hog piling onto Cailey and MJ was coming to the rescue.  Oh what fun we had.

Here is MJ with her chalk square.  Lil Miss Poser.  So adorable!

Cailey helped me fill in the blue...there was so much, lol.  Oh and the caution section as well.  She loved the idea of a handicap parking spot for them too.

Oh boy, look where lil man is....looks like there is some trouble brewing ;-)

 Ah, huh!  I knew it.  He was up to something.  Silly boy.  They played for about fifteen minutes.  then I heard a car and could see white through the trees so I thought it was the family coming...the ran into the trees to hide...

 Miss MJ posing as I hid in the bushes.  LOL.  Got the pic and then she ran to the bushes to hide.

And the family arrived to see the driveway filled with chalk art.  And they laughed so much when they saw they had their very own parking spot in the driveway.  They loved it!

We decided to take a boat ride after they got here.  

It was so funny seeing their reaction to the adult sized trees that were floating down the river.  Although the one below looks small it really isn't.  It is longer than the boat!  And was the smallest of all of the ones we saw on our ride.  The river was flooded as you can see in the photo above with me.  Look to the middle right side and you can see the dock and boat lift are under water there.

Natalie had a soccer game the night they came so we headed to that..Here are a few photos from the night...

The next night The Andersons came over for a photo shoot.  I told them it has been years since I have been in the biz and have lost my touch.  :-(  But I would take some snap shots for them!  Here is a sneak peek of a couple.

Mzzzzzz Brenda...love the spontinaity this gal has....she's got moxy!

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Where does the time go.................

Good morning to everyone.  Again, I am so sorry that I have not updated the blog in a long time.  So I will update you on numerous things.

Now, where to start?  More current first or beginning of summer through current?  Hmmmm!

OK, beginning of summer has won......

As usual the first day of the kids summer vacation I make it a fun day for them.  I work "0" and they get my 100% full attention.  We spent the day at Como Zoo.  We love going there.  Our favorites are the orangutans, gorillas and Marjorie McNeely Conservatory.  Click HERE for Como Zoo and Conservatory

On this day the orangutans were being especially silly.  We watched them for over 30 minutes.  And laughed a lot of that 30 minutes.

The baby had been given a T-shirt to play with.  The cute lil thing tried and tried to get that shirt on.  Literally tried everything it could think of to get it on.  All of these attempts were failed :-(  But we sure had a lot of laughs watching.

For some reason the Grand Daddy Orangutan was exceptionally grumpy that day.  This too, made us laugh because he just wanted nothing to do with the baby.  And baby wanted everything to do with him, lol.  He would slam his fists into the ground and let out a very loud scream.  The scream was that of a very angry scream.  And scared many.  Just not the baby lol.  The baby would look up at him, jump up and down and make noises.

I had to laugh because it reminded me of those moments with the kids when you've just had enough of the screaming, fighting and obnoxious behavior for the day and just want them to behave and tone down 99% lol.  I told the kids that and we all laughed even more.  Natalie said "yeah, I can get that!  I get that way with The Boys sometimes too" lol.  Christopher responded to her comment with a ton of Orangutan sounds and body movements like one too.  So hillarious!

Our ritual of events after school is out is to take a week off and head to the cabin.  Sadly this year we had a guest request it during that week.  So we opted to rent it out.  And went the following week.

I had also promised Heathers girls a 2 week visit with us.  So they came to the cabin for one week.  And home with us for a second week.

We played countless hours of Carbles.  We taught lil man aka Christopher how to play.  And he became a Carbles Addict immediately.  hahaha.  Just like literally every other person who plays it for the first time.  Too funny.  We love the game.  And loved spending time together as we played and laughed lots.
 (Above Photo Left to Right:  Natalie, MJ, Sam, Christopher and Miss Caity bug aka Caily)

We also had many hours in the whirlpool.  For some reason one night we started playing charades in there too.  And that became our "thing".  The kids would say lets play charades and everyone would go get the swimsuits on, lol.  We had such a blast playing though.  There were some crazy charades, shocking ones, silly ones, very smart ones.  Great times!
(Above Photo Left to Right:  Me, Caily and in the background MJ)

 This is hillarious....Cailey in the background striking a pose.  Hehehehe  so cute!  This was another charades night.  #goodtimeswithfamily
(Above Photo Left to Right:  Sam, Christopher, Cailey in the back "strike a pose", Natalie and MJ)

So with no boys we decided to go visit Como Zoo and Conservatory.  Cailey and Maddie had never been there before.  What fun.  I think that the orangutans were their favorite too, lol.  Photo below is in my favorite area of the conservatory.  I was blessed with the opportunity to shoot a wedding in there once before.  Evening wedding so the stars and moon shown through..beautiful.  Now if I could just get my greenhouse to look this good all the time!  Argh, lol.
(Above Photo Front:  MJ  Back Left to Right: Natalie, Me and Cailey)

I loved this pot of dwarf hosts.  That is literally as big as they get.  I so must find some and use in my fairy gardens.  They would be perfect!!!

 We went in to look at all of the bonsai's.  Wow I must say that there are some absolutely beautiful bonsai on display.  If there are any bonsai lovers out there...this is the place to go for some inspiration to create your own for sure!  I was inspired and I don't do bonsai.  Amazing!!  The girls learned all about bonsai and they thought it was so cool.
(Above Photo Left to Right:  Natalie, MJ and Cailey)

This is a bonsai forest.  This honestly was my absolute favorite.  I could invision it in my fairy gardens. Sadly the sign said that it had taken MANY years to create this masterpiece and my hopes and visions were crushed/gone :-(  The photo does not serve it the justice it deserves.  It is much bigger IRL.  Look at the reflection of the man in the bottom right.  Kinda gives you an idea of size.  And it sits on a display table I would assume is about 3.5-4 ft tall.

The girls took a hand at creating their own bonsai on the iPads.  I did not do so well at it, lol.  So for me I will not dream of becoming a master at bonsai.

We got lots of water time in while at the cabin.  And my SIL Julie hung out with us multiple times too.  Here she is with Baxter on the SUP.

Ahhhh, soaking up the sun!  Love the smell of sun tan lotion, warmth of the sun and sounds of water splashing.   Love summer!
 Above Photo:  Cailey

This girl is so photogenic it is crazy!  She has the right poses all the time.  I suppose it helps that she has had a camera in her face since literally the day she was born!  I recall the day of her birth...I got the call.  And headed over to the hospital with my camera in hand.  I visited a few hours.  Went home to upload the photos.  Picked them up.  Made a SCRAPBOOK of her.  (the link doesn't show the entire album.  not sure why)

 Above: Natalie

Just a chillin....soaking up the rays.  Julie got too much sun this day though.  She used some new hawaiian oil and got fried.  She was burnt for DAYS!

Natalie found a dragon fly.  We think it's tail was broken.  It couldn't fly.  The kids enjoyed checking it out as it sat perfectly still.

The kids had so much fun in the water.  They played with everything but the slide.
 Above Left to Right:  Christopher, Cailey, MJ and Natalie

This isn't the best picture but I had to post it because I laughed so hard when I saw Christophers crazy pose.  It shows his true silliness at its finest.  LOL.  This kid is always a barrel of laughs!  Love him!

Miss Cailey getting her paddling on in the kayak

Sam and Christopher got to be pretty good on the kayaks this year.  They enjoyed being the water taxi for the girls when they didn't want to swim out to the water trampoline.

Christopher apparently forgot that he was IN a kayak and not ON a SUP!  LOL  Either way he rocked it and didn't fall out!
Above Photo Left to Right:  Christopher, Sam and Baxter

One of the other fun summer things to do is to have #WATERFIGHTS.  The kids had a blast with water balloons.  In fact so much fun having a water fight that when the balloons were gone...they took the buckets, filled and refilled continuously up and had lots of water fun that way.
 Above Photo Left to Right:  MJ, Sam and Natalie

Miss MJ just got ganged up on by the boys!  I see revenge in her near future.......

"Oh nooooo, they DiDn'tttttt just do that to meeeee!  Wellll, they better watch out"  love this picture!!  Miss Thang....Miss Tude came out!  Yeah, lol.

Another pile up on MJ by Sam and Natalie this time....Sammy better watch out.  MJ is coming for him soon!!

Sammy just can't learn his lesson.......

And the revenge is ON.....

 LOL....look at Sammy's eyes closed....


I can tell you that it took about 9 photos to get one with all of them smiling.  And no super crazy poses. But of course the future class clown Mr Christopher has his pose on...lol
Above Photo Left to Right:  Cailey, Natalie, Sam, MJ and Christopher

Awwww, Brothers.  I love it when they can get along even if it is only for a brief moment.  On their way to the #headwatersofthemississippi
Above Photo Left to Right:  Sam, Christopher

Just like the other half a million (literally) people who come to this exact spot a year we had to take a "touristy" photo like them.  Even though we've been there so many times we lost count.  LOL.  Today was the day to do touristy things.  And what a blast we had!
 Above Photo Left to Right:  Natalie, MJ, Christopher, Sam.  In the back is Cailey

Here are the kids taking their turn walking across the rocks where The Mighty Mississippi River begins.  I told them they could take it all the way to our home in The City....and I'd see them in about 20 days.  They didn't like the thought of taking 20 days.  
Above Photo Left to Right:  Strange man and woman, Christopher in the green, Sam in the blue, MJ waving, Natalie and Cailey

Christopher was a bit more leery of the crossing.  I will say that this is the most water I have seen at the headwaters in years.  It is not normally this high.  Yes, I know that many would think it's not much.  But it is!  And the water rushing over the slippery rocks makes it hard for a little guy like him.  Not to mention hard for an average adult.  But he made it over and back many times.

We can't go and not have a pose over the log bridge.  It is a must do photo op every single visit!

Sweet sisters.  I love these girls!

Well the pose wasn't the greatest...but you can see by Christophers face that he was not into taking a photo.  lol...in fact it was late in the afternoon and he needed a nap.

Beautiful lil MJ.

I am not too sure where the rest of the photos went.  But we did have fun either way.  Lots of memories!  Loved my time with them!

Birthday Luau for My 40th.  Jon hosted a big party.  We started with a float down the river from 169 to our City Home.  Took almost 2 hours I think.

 Above Photo Left to Right:   SIL Julie and Me
The girls and I as we made our way up to 169.

Love of My Life!

My two SIL's Michelle and Julie

End Of Float

Let The Feast Begin!!

Our dear friends Robin and Arthur prepared the food.  An authentic hawaiian feast.  (arthur is from hawaii).  The food was amazing.  And I felt horrible later when I found out that they had been working so hard at the food prep they didn't even get to eat any of the food they prepared :-(  Plus side was that everyone LOVED the food!  It was so good!!

I am super bummed that I didn't get a photo of THE WATER SLIDE we rented for the kids.  They had such a blast.   Literally hours of fun times.  It was nice that they were occupied.  It gave the adults a chance to relax and have some fun too!  Here's a ton of photos......

Can you so OH NOOOOO!  Yeah that is MUD people!!!  I wanted to cry when I saw this forming.  We try to take good care of our lawn normally and I feel horrible that it got this bad.  BUT good thing is that Jon put down a TON of seed before we left on vacation and when we returned it looked perfect again!  Whew!!

The next morning.......

What an amazing birthday party for me.  I have the absolute best and most amazing man in the universe!  Thank you love!  You rock!  I love you!